Akira software modules

Providing comprehensive set of products for
managing the critical resources for business success


Human Resources
Management Core

Manage efficiently organisational and employee information with high integrability within IT infrastructure

HRM Core


Hiring and onboarding

Support hiring managers and recruiters to organize efficient recruitment process from identifying needs to recognizing candidates, attracting, selecting, interviewing, evaluating, hiring, and onboarding employees

Hiring and onboarding


Payroll and Benefits

Establish and maintain comprehensive management of all benefits, including transparent and flexible payroll process compliant to your local payroll and tax rules

Payroll and benefits


Performance Management

Measure, support and elevate your team’s performance by transparent setting and tracking objectives aligned with your strategic priorities

Performance managament


Talent Management

Implement continuous development of your human capital across the employee lifecycle and connect your people to your strategy

Talent managament


Time and attendance

Simply organize employee attendance management in hybrid working model, including travel time and related expenses

Time and attendance


Enable Employees

Enable your employees to maximize employee experience and boost collaboration among them to fully and timely achieve their goals and contribute to the greater vision

Enably employees


Insights and Analytics

Analyse data by flexible reporting and create unique insights based on customisable reporting to establish data-driven decision making.

insights and analytics