Human Resources
Managament Core

Manage efficiently organizational and employee
information with high integrability within IT infrastructure

Organizational entities

Maintain unified platform with records of your employees, organizational structure, positions, skills, benefits and other HR- related entities

streamlined processes

Simplify and streamline your core HR processes, supporting management of diverse workforce:

  • salaried employees
  • commission-based salaries
  • part-time employed (hourly workers)
  • variable payment
  • many more

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Instant and remote self-service access to everything they need, engage your modern mobile workforce and achieve great employee-experience.


By leveraging its extensibility with open APIs, integrate smoothly your HRM solution within your entire IT architecture: ERP, CRM, Active Directory, etc.


Hiring and onboarding

Support hiring managers and recruiters to organize
efficient recruitment process from identifying needs to
recognizing candidates, attracting, selecting, interviewing,
evaluating, hiring, and onboarding employees

Access and determine 
organization’s HR needs

Identify gap between human resource and skillset required to fulfill strategic priorities and available resource within your organization


process support

Design and maintain adjustable end-to-end recruitment process from identifying candidates to onboarding employees that provides great experience for all parties (recruiters, hiring managers, candidates).

Integration with external recuritment platforms

Integrate smoothly with preferred external recruitment digital platforms and social networks – besides candidates that actively joined recruitment process, you need to create bigger pool of candidates and proactively contact ones with right skill-set and attitude.

interviewing platform

Omnichannel interviewing platform as future working model will be hybrid, combining physical presence in office with home-office, similarly HRM platform is required to support exchange of documentation and interviewing via digital channels


Payroll and Benefits

Establish and maintain transparent and flexible payroll
process compliant to your local payroll and tax rules

Payroll calculation and payments

Based on information from attendance tracking, performance mgmt and other sources, organize efficient payroll process even for the most complex payroll models, including tax (state/local) and other related calculations.

External payroll integration

Leverage a secure, bi-directional integration with your preferred external payroll software provider and enjoy all other HRM functionalities as if payroll is calculated in Akira.


Performance Management

Measure, support and elevate your team’s performance
by transparent setting and tracking objectives aligned
with your strategic priorities


Self-Service (MSS)

While ESS provides a strong foundation for the employee experience, MSS makes more-informed decisions for better business outcomes and helps managers drive productivity within organizations xx.

Setting common 

and individual goals

By cascading wider strategic and operational goals, create coordinated goals at all levels of organization: departments, teams and individuals. Prepare ground for transparent and regular reviewing and assessing progress, and creating employee recognition and reward programs based on the future evaluations

Goal appraisals

Moderate appraisal process with great experience for both manager and employee, providing platform for continuous conversation, coaching, and recognition

Peer 360 Reviews

Gain a deeper understanding of your employees’ performance and room for improvement by inviting colleagues and managers to participate in an employee’s 3600 performance review.


Talent managament

Implement continuous development of your human
capital across the employee lifecycle and connect your
people to your strategy


Time and attendance

Simply organize employee attendance management in
hybrid working model, including travel time and related

Time & Attendance tracking

Stay compliant and optimize tracking and managing employee time and attendance data in hybrid work-environment with an automated timekeeping solution that consistently tracks, manages, and controls employee time and attendance

Integrate external attendance solution

According to your organizational needs, implement smooth and flexible integration with
preferrable external attendance solution

Travel management

Manage employee travel expenses, control corporate travel budgets, make sure employee work-related travel adheres to company policy and improves visibility between managers and employees regarding corporate travel.


Enable Employees

Enable your employees to maximize employee
experience and boost collaboration among them to fully
and timely achieve their goals and contribute to the
greater vision

Service and Roles

Defines services to be provided to employees, as well as related roles, responsibilities, and metrics

Flexible service processes

Design and implement flexible, paperless and fully coordinated service-related process to support defined SLA.

Empower your people

By providing necessary services and resources to your employees just-in- time, engage your people by empowering them to take action when a challenge or opportunity arose


Insights and Analytics

Analyze data by flexible reporting and create unique
insights based on customizable reporting to establish
data-driven decision making.